Extra Curricular Activities

The school initiates and inspires our students to participate in activities which are outside the regular curriculum. We offer extra- curricular activities such as basketball, football, table tennis, badminton, martial arts, swimming, cricket, chess, dance, music, drama, scouts, art and craft. Students can also take part in other cultural and educational activities like poetry, debate, essay writing, and talent show and quiz competitions within or outside the school.

Midas Smart e-Classroom
Digital classrooms are modern-day pedagogy methods that bring the concept of “Show me and I understand”. So, KNS offers Midas smart e-classroom for the students of primary, lower secondary and secondary. Midas e-class is teaching and learning software that has tutorial videos and interactive exercises of every chapters of the book that students should study in the school. We encourage our students and teachers to fully utilize Midas smart e-classroom.

Chinese Language Class
Knowledge of Chinese language is becoming increasingly important in the modern world. We offer Chinese Language Class to our students without any cost.  Native speakers of China teach the students of primary, lower secondary and secondary.

School Excursions
Students are visual learners and an excursion lets them experience, touch, fell and listen to what they are learning about. The school organizes excursions to various places of educational value within or outside the country to gain better understanding of places, and expose them to worlds outside their own.