Principal Message

It ‘s  my   fortune  to welcome  you  in  Kathmandu  National  School (KNS ). Our  students  say that KNS  is not  only   a school  for  them  but  it  is  also    their  home  away  from  parental  home . In this  sense  it  is   an  academic  shrine  where  our  students are  found to be so happy and  confident  to  lead them to  be  the future  leaders  of   the  country  . We  attempt  our  level  best  to  model  our  young  angles  to stand  for  the  country  by  endeavoring with  perseverance  and  overcoming  challenges in the  globe. We receive supreme satisfaction from our products. We  believe  in our  products  as  they  are the  ones who  think  spiritually , speak  truly  and  perform  kindly  towards  those who  deserve  the  doctrine  of  perfect  human  beings.

At the KNS we take our responsibility to find what is exceptional in students very seriously. The experience that we have prepared for them here gives every student an all-round education built on a foundation of service, adventure, sports, creative arts and academics.

Now , we have  been  advancing  in  delivery  system  of  education  with  modern  mechanism  and  tools  at  KNS  where  every   child is  valued . We always maintain our services sophisticated with an affordable cost.  That ‘s why it is KNS  where  once  guardians  visit , they  then  feel  the  difference.

With all good wishes,
Anju Thapa (Khadka)