It’s my immense pleasure to welcome you in Kathmandu National School (KNS). KNS is the junction of qualified teachers, professionals and students. Since its foundation, it has been imparting quality education that benefits our young children’s overall development. We have been preparing versatile, dynamic and energetic human resource to cope up with the challenges of twenty first century.We have been striding ahead with huge academic success. Our  tireless  effort to  impart  quality  education  has been  mounting  higher ever  since we  laid our foundation in 1980 AD(2036 BS) which was the beginning of early childhood education at KNS. The tripartite relationships among school, parents and students that promote exchange of critical feedbacks and suggestions from all parties and particularly the parents have helped us to continuously improve the quality of our education and services. We have been developing   infrastructures to upgrade this institution to higher level studies and we are optimistic to offer promising higher education in near future.

Our approach is interdisciplinary, experimental and progressive. Our students are encouraged not only to focus on textbooks but also to enhance their creativity, analytical skills, and pursue their extra-curricular interest.  We toil to create an environment where the good education and values are cultivated in our students to enable them to become responsible individuals.  We are happy about the growth we have managed to achieve over the years and look forward to continuing our collaboration with the parents, students and others in the academia to progressively upgrade our institution.

With best regards,

Professor Kusum Saakha