Kathmandu National School (KNS) is a value-based and value-driven school. We aspire to value everyone irrespective of age, position, race, gender, background or ability and teach the same to our students. We motivate, support and inspire personal, spiritual, emotional and educational growth in a safe and secure environment.

As such we want all those who become part of our school family, whether a child or an adult, to feel valued, happy, respected and recognize their role in continuing to make our school outstanding.

We have a broad and balanced curriculum which our children are able to access. With the aim that the students receive the highest standard of education, we’ve fully included the creative and physical areas of National curriculum.

Along with the academic programmes, we seek to develop and nurture the different facts of a child with the ECAs like dance, theatre, music, fine arts and a variety of sports. We focus on developing both the mental and physical abilities of a student. Thus providing holistic grooming to the students where in the child is able to explore his/her true potential.

Besides the usual procedural teaching, we persistently upgrade and update our teaching tools and techniques. We foster a healthy teacher-student relationship where we work around making studies as effortless as possible.

We look forward to welcoming you and your children to our school.

Sushma K.C. (Karki)